Architectural Acoustic Design & Consulting 

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Client List

Architectural & Acoustic Design

2 Hard Records, Kingston, Jamaica (Music Recording)
25 Sreet Studios, Oakland, CA (Music Recording)
71 Recording, St. Thomas, Jamaica (Music Recording)
Absolute Audio, New York, NY (2 Mastering Studios)
Ali Namvar, NYC (Private Music Recording Studio)
ANS Records, Miami, FL (In-Home Mastering Studio)
The Arbitron Company, Maryland (Critical Listening Room)
Avalanche Studios, New York, NY (Audio for Gaming)
Band In A Bubble, New York, NY (MTV Reality Show)
BaNG Music, New York, NY (Music Recording and Production)
Barbershop Studios, Hopatcong, NJ (Music Recording)
Bartlett Residence, New Jersey (In-Home Music Recording)
Bird Residence, New York, NY (In-Home Music Recording)
Blue Jay Studios, Carlisle, MA (Music Recording Studios)
Blue on Blue Studios, Rodchester, NY (Music Recording)
Bose Corporation, Detroit, MI (Critical Listening Room)
Bose Corporation, Stow, MA (Critical Listening Room)
Bose Corporation, Westborough, MA (Audio Video Production Studio Complex)
Bravo Network, Burbank, CA (Audio Post Production)
Broadway Sound & Video, New York, NY (Audio Post suites)
C5 Post, New York, NY(Mix & Audio Sweetening)
CNBC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ (Audio Post Studio)
C&C Music-House of Sound, New York, NY (3 Studio Facility)
Converse-Rubber Tracks, Boston(Music Studio)
CDM Sound Studio, New York, NY (Voice, Music & Post Facility)
Chris Bono-Our Silent Canvas, Woodstock, NY (Private Music Studio)
City Sound Productions, New York, NY (Production Studio)
CNBC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ (Audio Post Production Studio)
Creative Group, New York, NY (Audio, Video, Graphics Editorial)
Crackpot Inventions, New York, NY (Music Production Studio)
Dangerous Music, New York, NY (Music Recording)
Dallas Audio Post, Dallas, TX (Audio Post Facility)
Dark Dimensions, New York, NY (Music Recording)
Deeper Rekords, New York, NY (Two Music Recording Studios)
East Hill Studios, New York, NY (3 Studio Facility) 
East Side Audio, New York, NY (Multi Room Post Facility)
Egan Media Productions, Burlington, VT (Music & Video Post Facility)
Ezratty Residence, New York, NY (Private Music Studio)
Fight Klub, New York, NY (MC Battle Facility)
Forward Studios, Rome Italy (Large Mixing Studio)
Forward Mastering, Rome Italy (Mastering Suite)
Fox Networks, Los Angeles, CA (Audio Post)
Georgian Dreams, Tbilisi Studios, Tbilisi – Georgia (Music Recording Complex), New York, NY (Webcasting Facility)
Gigi D’Alessio-Life Studios, Rome, Italy (Private Music Studio)
Godowsky Residence, New York, NY (Classical Pianist Studio)
Gordon Residence, New York, NY (In-Home Production Studio)
Great City Productions, New York, NY (Music & Audio Post)
Great Immediately Productions, New York, NY (Production Studio)
Guggenheim Productions, New York, NY (Video Production & Post)
Guilford Sound, Guilford VT (Private Music Recording)
Harding Residence, Kingston, Jamaica (Private Music Recording)
Headroom Digital, New York, NY (Audio Post Production)
Harry Connick Jr., Connick Productions, CT (Private Music Studio)
Hillside Studios, New Jersey (Music Recording)
Howard Shore-Howe Building, Tuxedo, NY (Critical Listening Studio)
The Ice Plant Studios, Long Island City, NY (Music Recording Studio)
IGD Music & Media, New York, NY (Music Production)
Infinity Studios, Brooklyn, NY (Music Recording)
Interscope Records-UMG, New York, NY (Exec Conference & Office)
iZotopte, Cambridge, MA (R&D and Production Sound Studios)
Jacob Burns Media Center, Pleasantville, NY (Educational Film Music & Editing)
Jacobson Home Theater, Naples, FL (Home Theater Design)
John Kilgore Sound, New York, NY (Music & Broadway Prod Recording)
Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NJ (Music Recording Studios)
KMA Music, New York, NY (Music Production Studios)
Manhattan Beach, New York, NY (2 Room Facility)
Man Made Music, NYC (Music Branding Studios & Office Facility)
Manhattan Center Studios, New York, NY (Surround Music Studio)
Marinucci Residence, Westchester, NY (In-Home Music Recording)
Mark Egan, New Canaan, CT (Private Music Studio)
Master Audio Productions, NJ (Audio Production)
Masterdisk Corporation, New York, NY (Mastering Studios)
Memphis Studios, Memphis, TN (Music, Post & Broadcast Studios)
Mirror Image Recording, New York, NY (Music Recording)
Mix Place, New York, NY (Audio Post Production)
MLB Networks, Secaucus, NJ (Audio Post Suites)
Mullhaupt Residence, Somers, NY (Private Music Recording)
Mr Smalls Funhouse, Pittsburgh, PA (Music Recording Studios)
N658 Media Labs, Brooklyn, NY (Performance & Music Recording)
Naked Music, New York, NY (Two Music Studios)
NBC On Air Promo, Burbank, CA (Seven Surround-Sound Post Rooms)
NBC Saturday Night Live, New York, NY (Two Surround Post Rooms)
Ochoa Studios (Digitec), San Juan, PR (Large Music Studio)
One and One Records, New York, NY (Music Recording)

OK Records, Nyack, NY (Music Recording)
O.N.E. Entertainment, New York, NY (2 Studio Facility)
The Orchard, New York, NY (Audio Production Studio)
Palmetto Records, Maggie’s Farm, PA (Barn Music Studio)
The Studio at The Palms, Las Vegas, NV (Music Recording)
Paul Simon Residence, CT (Private Music Recording)
Platinum Factory-Bedford Stuyvesant RDC, NY (Music Recording)
Plotkin Music, New York, NY (Music Production)
Poke / Twelve and Under Music, Garfield, NJ (Music and Video Facility)
Pow Pix, New York, NY (Two Audio Post Studios)
Private Recording Studio, Al-Qatif, Saudi Arabia (Private Music Studios)
Renaissance Studio, Tampa Bay, FL (Music Recording)
Rosenberg Residence, New York,NY (In-Home Music Studio)
Q-Tip / Mr. Incognito Productions New Jersey (In-Home Music Studio)
Saferstein Residence, Manorhaven, NY (Home Guitar Studios)
Satellite Mastering, Bangkok, Thailand (Mastering & Recording Studios)
Serletic Residence, New York (Private Music Studio)
Seven Seas Studios, New York (Multi-Room Music & Mastering Facilies)
Shakedown-Arthur Baker, New Jersey (In-Home Music Studio)
Solid State Logic, New York, NY (Demo Room in NY Office)
Snyder Residence, VT (Private Music Studio)
Sound Station Seven, Providence, RI (Music Recording)
Spa Studios-Dave Dachinger Music, New York, NY (Production Studio)
Sporkin Residence, Woodbury, NY (In-Home Music Studio)
SSC&B Lintas, New York, NY (Production Studio)
Starcyde, New Jersey (In-Home Music Studio)
Stereo Society, New York, NY (Music Recording)
Sterling Sound Mastering New York, NY (14 Room Mastering Facility)
Stratosphere Studios, New York, NY (2 Room Music Recording)
Studio Canoa, Lisbon Portugal (Private Music Recording)
Sunshine Theater, New York, NY (Multimedia Broadcast & Prod Facility)
Swing It Production, New York, NY (Music Recording)
Three Tree Production, New York, NY (Music Production Facility)
Tone Capone Productions, White Plains, NY (In-Home Music Studio)
Trillium Lane Studios, Seattle, WA (Music Recording Studio)
Universal Mastering East, NYC (Mastering Facility)
Upstairs Productions, Oklahoma City, OK (Music Production Studio)
Video Dimensions, New York, NY (Video Post Production & Stages)
Vidipax, New York (Audio Restoration & Mastering)
Virgin Records – EMI, New York, NY (Conference & Exec Office)
WGBH, Boston, MA (Audio Post Studios)
WRBS 95.1 FM, Baltimore, MD (Radio Broadcast Studios)
WNBC TV, New York, NY (Television Post Mixing Rooms)
Wake Productions, New York, NY (Two Music Studios)
Wanderlust Interactive, New York, NY (Audio for CD-ROM Studios)
White Residence, Denver, CO (Private Music Recording)
World Wrestling Entertainment Studios, Stamford, CT (Audio Post Suite)
Zefer, New York, NY (Internet Production Studio)
Zomba Records, New York, NY (Production & Duplication Studio)


Abelow Sherman Architects New York, NY
Big House Studios, New York, NY
Chris Bono, Woodstock, NY
Carriage House Studios, CT
Dream Factory Studios, New York, NY
Double L Music, New York, NY, New York, NY
Entertainment One, New York, NY
Forward Studios, Rome Italy        
Furniture Music, New York, NY
Gray Noise Music, New York, NY
Heimbold-Francis Residence, Old Greenwich, CT
Integrated Systems Engineering, Los Angeles, CA
Jim Kremens Music, New York, NY
McHale Barone Music, New York, NY
Mike Beck Productions, New York, NY
Metro Music, New York, NY
MLB Productions, Secaucus, NJ
Mystic Studios, Staten Island, NY
Perlman Residence, Greenwich, CT
Pilot Studios, New York, NY
Photomag, New York, NY
Clark Neuringer Architect, Mamaroneck, NY
Pirate, New York
Platinum Island, New York, NY
Playground Studios, New Jersey
Plus Nine Productions, New York, NY
The Ranch Mastering Studio, NY
Reach Studios – Mutt Lange, NY
Robi Rob Music, New York, NY
Sasha Residence, New Rochelle, NY
Seth Glassman, Pound Ridge, NY
Skyline Studios, New York, NY
Slotchiver Residence, New York, NY
Michael Sullivan, New York, NY
Time Machine, Vermont
Tom O’Brien Architecture, Bedford, NY
Zuch Residence, Armonk, NY

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