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Griffin Speaker Info

Francis Manzella Design is closely aligned with Griffin Audio USA and serves as the exclusive sales agent for Griffin Studio Loudspeakers. We feel the Griffin large G1 “Studio Monitor” as well as the mid sized G1.5 and smaller Griffin G2B Active Midfield monitors are superior in all regards to any other professional studio monitors. For larger Control Rooms we typically design our studios around the G1 In-Wall Studio monitors. This high-output, low distortion, extremely accurate three-way system is unmatched for accurate uncolored reproduction at any level. For small to mid sized control rooms, the G1.5 or G2B monitors provide active high output, low distortion and extremely accurate monitoring.

We also have the optional Griffin LFE15S and LFE18 Subwoofers to complete 5.1 systems or provide additional lower octave support in studios where Urban Music will be the primary source materials. FM Design’s close association with Griffin Audio USA, LLC is based on common goals and ideals for studio monitor solutions. We will continue to provide cutting edge products to our clients and the recording/broadcast community, at competitive prices! We sincerely feel that any studio worth listening to should consider these monitors as the final link in an accurate, full range and high output studio playback system. Information on the full model line as well as current pricing is available below.


Griffin G1 In Wall

Griffin G1 Mastering

Griffin G1.5 In Wall

Griffin G2B Mid Field

Griffin Powered Subs

Griffin LFE15S Servo Sub

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