Architectural Acoustic Design & Consulting 

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Sterling Sound Mastering

Sterling Sound Mastering commissioned FM Design to handle the acoustic and architectural design of all the technical spaces in it’s new 20,000SF Chelsea based mastering facility. The 2004 TEC Award winning project represents the highest level of acoustic construction available in any such facility anywhere in the world. Based on a streamlined vision of 7 acoustically identical main mastering suites each equipped with a client lounge space, 2 smaller mastering suites, and 6 production rooms, sterling sound offers the highest quality mastering environment and a comfortable vibe. Located on the penthouse level above New York’s historic Chelsea Market gave inspiration to new design concepts. Sterling’s staff includes some of the world’s most renowned mastering engineers whose critical listening skills demand 110% accuracy. Working with these engineers was an an inspiration.



Masterdisk has long been one of the most prestigious mastering facilities in the World. The list of hits mastered at this facility is as large as any. FM Design has had the pleasure of renovating two of the main mastering suites at Masterdisk. The “Red Couch” sweet featured a Dunlavy surround configuration, complete new shell and interior acoustics, mechanical and electrical system. Later that year, Tony Dawsey’s room was refitted and he became the first Mastering client to use the large Griffin G1 Mastering Loudspeakers as his primary monitors. Tony’s room is unique because of his standing work position and the fact that he still cuts many jobs on a lathe. Both rooms are acoustically superb with amazing depth of image, flat response and comfortable listening all around the room.


Forward Mastering-Rome

Already a successful recording studio operation, Forward Studios in Grottaferrata (Rome) Italy needed to expand it’s facilities to include a World Class mastering suite. FM Design was contacted and met with the owner to discuss his project requirements, size and budget. We then created a compact and efficient solution for the requirements as outlined by the owner. The room was built with ongoing support and review from our NY office. We tuned the new room in November 2010 and they have been successfully completing projects since that time.


Universal Mastering NYC

Universal Music Group commissioned FM Design to create a new Universal Mastering East facility to replace it’s Edison NJ facility. Located within the NY City Universal headquarters, the new mastering studio includes two primary mastering suites, two smaller secondary suites, a production (QC) room and large central machine facilities. The main new studio (C) is a full 5.1 surround suite loaded with PMC MB2S XBD mains and a Griffin LFE 15 subwoofer. The room accommodates mixing (for surround re-issues) as well as full service mastering. The crew at Universal is kept busy with new releases as well as catalog work for the extensive UMG library. The facility was completed in record time, on budget and met with resounding accolades by engineers and management alike.

Home Mastering