Architectural Acoustic Design & Consulting 

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Post Production

Dallas Audio Post

Dallas Audio Post owner Roy Machado contacted FM Design about a new ground-up multiroom audio post facility that would incorporate much of the existing Acoustic Systems isolation shell infrastructure from DAP’s existing facilities. All new acoustic treatments have been designed for all rooms along with a completely new 16,000cf Dolby certified mixing Stage. The project was completed within a strict budget and an aggressive time line as laid out by the owner. Dallas Audio Post was nominated for the TEC Award for Studio Design in 2012. The 7.1 Dolby stage combined with their extensive facilities, will make Dallas Audio Post the most full-service audio post facilities in the Dallas area.


World Wrestling Entertainment-Audio 3

FM Design was commissioned by WWE to design a new Audio Post suite. This suite is centered around a Euphonix System 5 Console and M&K 5.1 monitoring. The construction was completed in the heart of a busy production facility and integrated into an extensive existing central machine core with minimal disruption of ongoing operations.


Oakdale Post Audio

Las Vegas based Oakdale Post Audio has been servicing the needs of film companies and ad agencies worldwide since 1991. When Oakdale decided to upgrade it’s studio A facilities in 2007, they contacted FM Design to handle architectural acoustic design for the renovations. Boasting a Digidesign ICON, Genelec monitoring and a blown out ProTools rig, the studio is ready for any Audio Post session. Oakdale truly is a ‘full-service’ post facility.


The Howe Building

FM Design was commissioned by famed Musical Score Composer Howard Shore to design his critical listening room and composing/editing workshop for this facility in upstate, NY. The room is similar to a mastering environment with 5.1 surround monitors from B&W, and a rear listening position. It also offers projection screen video viewing and home theater style seating at the rear. This room in the ‘heart’ of this editing and composing compound.



WGBH Boston

When the country’s largest public broadcasting network needed help renovating their audio post production suites they contacted FM Design for evaluation and design. Two existing audio post suites at WGBH-Boston were underwent signficant acoustic and aesthetic ‘face-lifts’ and were received with glowing reviews from the staff engineers.


CDM Studios

Since opening in 1998, CDM Studios has rapidly distinguished itself as a premium recording and editing facility, specializing in voice-over and digital-media post-production services. Conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, there reputation was built on an unsurpassed ability to meet the demands of leading corporations and institutions.


Guggenheim Productions

FM Design was commissioned by Dan Guggenheim of Guggenheim productions in 2008 to design a space efficient mid-sized video insert stage to augment his thriving video post production business. The stage is located in a busy area of midtown Manhattan and offers clients a convenient spot for doing high quality video shoots in a professional, comfortable, low noise environment.


Headroom Digital Audio Post

FM Design was commissioned in 2004 to design Jerry Plotkin’s new facilities in NYC. An extremely “client-centric” approach was taken throughout the design. Generous amounts of space were allocated to client lounge, chill spaces & the kitchen. The studios feel like plush living rooms with a cluster of “technology” where the operator sits. All rooms have windows, and the two main studios are tied together visually through a series of windows leading from one control room, through two booths, to the second control room.


NBCU On Air Promo

FM Design has been designing Post Production Audio suites for NBC in Burbank, CA since 1997. The first room designed was an SSL equipped post room (which now has a ProTools rig) and is currently used as the Radio Room. Almost every year since we have designed at least one additional suite, refining the design to include five surround ProTools suites for On-Air productions, two stereo suites for NBC-2000 and the latest pair of suites for the Bravo Network. Each suite offers a dedicated announce booth and a full ProTools/Unity network collaborative environment.


Mix Place

The Mix Place in NY is a multi-room audio for video posting facility. This mid sized 5.1 surround room, designed for engineer Joe Miuccio, is setup with a “U-shaped” engineer’s work area featuring a Fairlight Fame console, and client seating behind the desk to the rear of the engineer. Surface mounted acoustic panels and diffusors from RPG can be seen in both photos.


NBCU Bravo Network

The Bravo Sweetening project included two identical audio post suites for on-air promo productions for the Bravo Network. The facility is housed on the 6th Floor of the NBC4 Studio complex in Burbank CA. This is one of multiple projects including 5 studios for NBC On -Air Promotions as well as two suites for the NBC 2000 division, that FM Design has been commissioned to design over the past seven years.


WRBS – 95.1FM

WRBS 95.1 FM is the premier Christian broadcast station in the greater Baltimore area. Their drive-time programming is very highly rated. When the station needed to upgrade it’s broadcast studios, they contracted FM Design for acoustic and architectural design. The studio is based on an oval engineer/talent desk layout which allows for multiple configurations of on-air talent, guests and engineers (in separate control room when required). There are also two adjoining booths for News and Weather personalities.

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