Architectural Acoustic Design & Consulting 

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Private Studios

Life Studios GGD

Italian recording artist Gigi D’Alessio has commissioned FM Design Ltd to create a unique private recording retreat on the property of his villa in Rome Italy. Life Studio was completed in September 2008. The studio is a world class facility that will accommodate everything Gigi needs for his record productions from full band, strings and vocals to mixing on the new SSL Duality console. Working closely with engineer Roberto Rosu, FM Design has specified a custom Griffin Audio 5.2 monitor systems including G1 mains, dual LFE18 subwoofers and G2B center and surround channels.


Canoa Studios

Producer/Engineer/Composer/Keyboardist Nelson Canoa from Lisbon Portugal originally contacted FM Design to inquire about Griffin monitors. Once he came to NY to audition the speakers there was an instant connection and he knew that we had to not only supply a G1A system but also, design his new Control Room. Nelson was already working with Portuguese acoustician Jose Cunha Silva who designed the spectacular live recording rooms. After commissioning Canoa’s new control room and Griffin G1A system we were blown away by the studio complex that he had created in the suburbs of Lisbon. Canoa is a truly multi-talented musician and producer and works with both local and international artists in his studio everyday.


Macomber Home Studio

Producer/Engineer Rob Macomber is the chief music engineer at Sirius/XM Satellite Radio/Jazz At Lincoln Center in NYC. When he wanted to put together a home mixing studio he contacted FM Design. FM Design provided a simple, yet elegant design for a mid-sized, 5.1 capable control room in Rob’s basement. The project was executed by a local contractor with oversight by our office. The room came out looking and sounding great. Now Rob can do final mixes at home and record his talented family in his spare time!


2 Hard Records

2 Hard Records owner Jeremy Harding commissioned FM Design Ltd to create his new private studios adjacent to his custom home in Kingston Jamaica. Mr. Harding produces and manages multi-platinum recording artist Sean Paul. He also works with a number of other local writers and producers in the vibrant Jamaican music industry. The 2008 TEC Award nominated studio includes a Griffin Audio G1.5 main monitor system, Pro Tools HD and D Command control surface. 2 Hard Studios has set a new standard for acoustic performance, noise floor and main monitor accuracy in Jamaica.


Connick Productions

Harry Connick Jr. contacted FM Design to handle the refurbishing of one of the auxiliary buildings on his property in CT. The 530 square foot barn was converted into a comfortable home recording and mixing environment for Mr. Connick’s work on albums, soundtracks and other music/film projects. Griffin G2A monitors compliment a smaller 5.1 setup with extensive ProTools and GigaStudio rigs. System consultation was provided by Scott Riesett and Nick Vidar.


Arthur Baker Loft

Producer remix-specialist Arthur Baker commissioned architects Abelow Sherman to design his new loft apartment. FM Design was contacted to handle all acoustic design for the main mixing control room and other acoustically sensitive spaces. The project won a 1994 AIA New Jersey design award.


Ezratty Residence

Randy Ezratty Home Mixing Suite is located in a secluded brownstone in New York City’s Chelsea district, the Francis Manzella-designed Randy Ezratty Home Mixing Suite is a private work environment that opened in August of 2003. Engineers Kevin Killen and John Harris have been in working with a list of loyal clientele spanning various genres. Featuring Pro Tools|HD with Pro Control, ADAM S2A monitors and ADAM 1 subwoofers, the studio is equipped for 5.1 SACD production. The front wall features heavy bass traps and RPG Abfussors for early reflection control.

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